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This podcast will examine the lives of some of these people. Their lives, their careers, and yes, the demons they encountered, and oftentimes cost them their lives, some way before their time. There will be a lot of fun,  a lot of nostalgia, and a lot me sharing my childhood memories, but there will also be some difficulties, and some emotions, and quite frankly there will be some things that will make many people uncomfortable.

This won’t be a weekly discussion. It won’t be an interview show. And it certainly won’t be a wrestling news show. So, if you’re looking for the commentary on the latest episode of RAW or Smackdown, this isn’t the show for you. This is a show for wrestling historians. Wrestling enthusiasts, and people who care about those who entertained us for so many years, while they often suffered in silence. This, is Wrestling with Demons, and it’s coming soon to Nerd Radio FM.