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Apple World News

02: Regular Man Pants

This week on Apple World News, Justin and Brian discuss the opening of Apple’s new Apple Park campus in Cupertino. Justin is way too excited about the Steve Jobs theater, and Brian can’t wait to visit the new company store! Also, are we getting new iPads and a red iPhone 7? Are iPhone really blowing up like Galaxy Note 7’s? And the debate continues on whether or not Apple should buy Netflix. In this week’s spotlight discussion, Justin and Brian debate Tim Cook’s latest comments about Apple’s commitment to the “pro” market and how they see the future of Apple computing going forward.

Apple World News

01: WTF Gwyneth Paltrow?

Justin and Brian talk about the future of the Mac, what’s going on with the Apple TV, the long-awaited release of the Beats X wireless earbuds, the supposed leaks about iPhone 8 production, and the dates for WWDC. Also in this week’s spotlight discussion, the guys breakdown their thoughts on Apples Planet of the Apps show and whether or not they think it’ll be a hit or miss.