Russell Brown

Russell BrownNo complex product can soar without the escort of the passionate evangelist, and for Photoshop, it’s Russell Preston Brown. Same with the Knoll brothers, Russell is one of the pioneers of Photoshop. On the Photoshop 1.0.7 splash screen only 4 names were listed at the time: Thomas Knoll, John Knoll, Steve Guttman, Russell Brown.

As Adobe’s Senior Creative Director, Russell Brown is the most devoted user of Photoshop, and he even evangelized the software with his mastery of designand Photoshop skills. He has been restlessly showcasing Photoshop’s potential in grand events like the Mac Summit, and offering his own tips and tutorials in his website. If you have ever seen his showcase, you could probably sense his passion (and a bit of insanity!) for Photoshop.

Russell is known for his enthusiasm and off-the-wall antics while teaching Photoshop and photography to students all over the world. Each year at Adobe MAX, Adobe’s flagship conference for creatives, Russell hosts a pre-conference session wherein students get hands-on experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud products, and they do it in a way that only Russell can do. His enthusiasm is only matched by his level of expertise when it comes to such subjects, and his sessions are always ranked amongst the highest of any class taught at Adobe MAX each year.