Kevin Stohlmeyer

Kevin is a designer specializing in digital images with over 20 years experience in the field. He has been teaching professionally since 2000 both in higher education and at professional training centers in Milwaukee and nationally. A self-proclaimed geek, his experience with publications, workflows and illustration enhances his credibility as an Adobe Certified Instructor. Kevin currently sits on the advisory board for several colleges, developing curriculums and software training using the Adobe products.

He has been featured in Photoshop User, Layers and Adobe Inspire Magazines and has been a guest blogger for Photoshop World Conference. Kevin is also an Adobe Freelance Professional and Community Professional, speaking at conferences on Creative Cloud, workflows and design nationwide.


Pixel Pundits: A show for creatives, by creatives, the Pixel Pundits Podcast covers everything your creative mind can think of. From the latest Adobe software releases, to interviews from some of the most well-respected designers, illustrators, and photographers on the planet. This show is a can’t miss for any creative professional.