Howard Pinsky

Currently Director, Creator Marketing at Fullscreen, Howard Pinsky is working to supercharge creator-facing marketing for the various products and initiatives that are offered by one of YouTube’s largest networks.

Howard also lead the team who rebooted the Fullscreen Arcade initiative. What was once a ‘sub-network’ of Fullscreen, now takes on a whole new function – a [custom built] hub for “gamers who create” – offering education, video highlights, events, and more.

Since rebooting, Arcade’s social following has doubled, engagement has risen over 1000%, and Fullscreen gamers once again feel like they’re part of a community.

Howard is also an online educator, specializing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. His content can be seen through Adobe’s education portals, on YouTube, and on many design related blogs. To date, 400+ videos have been released, which have been viewed over 80 million times.