Collectors Galaxy 11: Gus Lopez

This week Justin is joined by none other than Gus Lopez. Gus has an amazing collection, and one that focuses on much more than just action figures. In this episode Justin and Gus discuss how Gus got started with Star Wars collecting, including the first time he saw the movie, and what it was like to be there in the beginning. Gus also shares some great stories about how he came to possess several iconic pieces of Star Wars memorabilia, like Water Vaporators from Episode I, Boba Fett’s screen-used rocket backpack, and the original (and only) 3D model of the Death Star from the original Star Wars movie. Gus and Justin also talk about the online Star Wars community, how Gus helped to create it using the Star War Collectors Archive, and a whole lot more. This is a must-listen-to episode for every Star Wars collector!